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Due to payment process requirement by third party,therefore the price will be $0.01 for each thank you meal.

  • (609)520-8883                             
  • 415 Nassau Park Blvd Princeton, NJ

We will offer a free combo meal to customers who identify themselves as front-line responders to the COVID-19 outbreak May 8 through May 21, 2020.It will be Curbside Pick-Up only, No purchase necessary. 

We’re so grateful for all the front-line responders who are putting others before themselves during this critical time.

Thank you for all the customers who purchased “Help In Princeton Bowl”. We have received 15 donations by May 6th 2020, thank you so much for your generous support.

Pick Up Time: 11:30AM-3:00PM 
Pick Up Location: 415 Nassau Park Blvd, Princeton NJ 08534

As a part of the community, We will provide a HELP IN PRINCETON BOWL starting on 4/7 Monday, Each Bowl is $4.95, and with every bowl purchase online, Our company will match the same amount. For every meal you purchase, You're  really giving 2 meals.


Please check out our special offer during this pandemic.

Our guests and employees's welfare and well-being are our top priority, we are doing everything we can to closely track COVID19 to make sure that we can continue to serve you while also protecting health and safety. 
 We hope that you are well, staying safe and healthy during this time. Thank you for your trust and support.